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Three Cities with Top Plastic Surgery Clinics and Plastic Surgeons written by: laurasimon

Plastic surgery has become more popular today as one way of changing face or body that you may be unhappy with. It is one way of hiding scaring parts and enhancing your body figure. This is a life changing stride that you usually involve reception and adjustment. So always be sensitive to all facts which will help choose the best quality plastic surgery clinic to attend you. There are many clinics in different part the world that do these operations but here are the cities with top plastic surgery clinics.

Miami (USA)

It is said to be leading city with the best cosmetics transformation. It is has 18 plastic surgeon for every one hundred thousand resident. Clinic like Mt. Sinai medical Centre, University of Miami and Clevend Clinic are among top plastic surgery clinics here.

New York (USA)

The city is the heart of America technology, innovation and culture. It has more than 600 plastic surgeons that are in operation who operate in nine major hospitals.

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

This is the second biggest city in Brazil. It is the home for well-known surgeon Dr. Ivo Pitanguy who runs a clinic called Clinica Ivo Pitanguy. Brazil has an award for most plastic surgery per capita of more than 4,500.

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